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Stopping Endless Scrolling

February 7, 2019|Comments Off on Stopping Endless Scrolling

A few days ago I was really surprised that my girlfriend was unaware that Facebook controls which posts appear at the top of one’s feed. I explained to her that it strategically feeds us more [...]

Tech Talk

December 11, 2018|Comments Off on Tech Talk

Groundbreaking study discovers an association between screen time and actual brain changes Big news has hit us this week about brain morphology and screen time, and I want to weigh in as we all try [...]

Tech Talk

November 28, 2018|Comments Off on Tech Talk

There are so many reasons why for many youth screen time has crowded out activities and interactions that would benefit them—in other words, why they are experiencing excessive screen time. One of the reasons is [...]

Tech Talk

November 13, 2018|Comments Off on Tech Talk

Teenage years bring a lot of firsts. For most, it means the first date, first kiss, first job and perhaps first time driving a car. It’s the time when schoolyard crushes turn into romantic relationships [...]

Tech Talk 10/2/18

October 3, 2018|Comments Off on Tech Talk 10/2/18

Before I start this week’s Tech Talk Tuesday (TTT), I would love to address two key things. I get a lot of emails from people wanting to know how to download the TTT so they [...]

Tech Talk 9/25/18

September 28, 2018|Comments Off on Tech Talk 9/25/18

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 12’s new Screen Time, is the feature parents have been waiting for. With it, we have a new tool to help prevent excessive screen time for our youth, as well [...]