What is the After-School Enrichment Academy?

In collaboration with Salem Keizer Education Foundation (SKEF) Crossler Middle School offers the after-school Enrichment Academy (EA).

EA programs inspire and encourage kids in learning, keep them safe and help working families. When we help children develop relationships with caring adults and engage families in their schools, we are helping them build a solid foundation for their future growth and development.


Enrichment Academy is a great opportunity for your student to expand in their learning and creativity in a safe and monitored environment with professional and caring staff.

*Cost is only $40.00 for this session. Please make checks out to SKEF.

*Students must check-in by 2:45pm.

*We must have a minimum of five (5) students in a Zone or Club or it may be cancelled.

*Students are to be picked up or walk home, as designated above, NO LATER THAN 4:00pm.

*USDA suppers will be provided for everyone under the age of 18. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

*Students engaging in inappropriate behavior may be sent home or removed from the program per program staff decision.

Club Descriptions:

Chess Club:

For around 1500 years, the game of chess has helped develop and sharpen life skills such as concentration, critical thinking, patience, and self-esteem. The Crossler Chess Club aims to continue this tradition while at the same time helping both new and veteran players learn the value of sportsmanship, social skills, self-esteem, and an opportunity to be connected with their school.

Students of all levels of experience are welcome. Experienced players will have opportunities to increase their skills, as well as help new players learn the game.

Mondays and Wednesdays 2:45-3:30pm in room 205.


Theatre Club:

When you think of theatre, you think of a well scripted and well-rehearsed performance. You see the finished product of actors who have learned their lines, developed a character, put on a costume and brought a character to life. Unlike films and TV, the actors have one shot to get it right; so what happens when it goes horribly wrong? You IMPROVISE!

Every Wednesday we will be meeting in the cafeteria to play improv games. Our goal is to learn how to make the show go on!

The Zone:

The Zone offers a safe space to do homework independently after school, read a book, or play board games. Monday – Thursday 2:45-4:00pm