To help protect our students and property, all exterior doors at Crossler are locked during school hours.  To enter the building, students, parents and visitors must go to the main front entrance and buzz in to be admitted by the office staff.  Please do not ask students or staff to open side doors for you.  All visitors must report to the main office where they will be given a visitor badge.  This includes before and after school.  This check-in process is meant to provide student safety.  Students from other schools are not allowed to visit while school is in session.

Parents are always welcome at Crossler.  We recommend that you call ahead to arrange to meet with teachers, a counselor, or an administrator to ensure their availability.

Classroom Visitation

Parents are welcome to visit their child’s classroom in order to become familiar with the educational experience at Crossler.  Such visits require prior coordination to ensure that the visit provides the utmost value to the parent and does not interfere with the learning environment.  Please contact the Principal or Assistant Principal if you would like to visit.  As you plan your visit, please remember that our first priority is always the learning environment we are creating for our students.  We want our teachers to be able to teach, and our students to be able to focus on instruction.  Thank you for helping to ensure that we can keep the focus on education.

Student Visitors

We do not allow student visitors while school is in session.  High school visitors who come after school hours must prearrange with the teacher and check in at the office for a visitor badge.  Students will not be allowed to roam the halls.